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Monday, April 14, 2014

How To Choose a Best Blogger Template

How To Choose a Best Template for Blogger

Hello, Guys, Today we are talking with you some our experience on How To Choose a Best Template for Blogger blogspot which can response every screen, If you search on Google or Bing or any other search engine for get Seo friendly fast loading responsive blogger template than you will see many collection of these keyword, But Google don't know that which is Responsive or seo friendly Template, We can't believe on that result because Google give you only related keyword result which provided by site owner. I means if your site is good on seo then you can optimize any template with any keywords. Than Google easily give your result by related query. But we can't get any of these or we can believe on that result, First we must research about best template things than we can upload in our blog.

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How Can effect Blogger Template

There are many things which can bad effect on our site seo if we have not best template, Really its can boost our site traffic and lost our blog traffic too, Its also effect many things which don't know more peoples like adsense income, Adsense approval, Buy sell account approval, Returning sites traffic, comment, Advertiser Attraction and many more. You know first impression is last impression, its can effect by many thing.

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What is In Top Class Blogger template

Yes this is better question that what is in the best things in top class blogger template using that we can use best for our site, Making blogger template is very easy, Any person which know some knowledge about css and HTML he/ she can make it, But Making a best quality template really hard that's can make only professional, As my knowledge some things which is followed by there designer when he make it like, Responsive, fast loading, seo friendly, clean look, simple  clean coding without no more java scripts, user friendly look, Also ads optimization with seo optimization, There are many thing in this category i am shearing with you topic by topic.

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Top Things for Best Blogger Template

Responsive and Professional -  If you are really wanna a user friendly also all screen like mobile, Android, Table, desktop and other devices must be supported, There font style and layout also look like profession designer,  Its also can help you adsense ads optimization and all biggest monetization companies approve there account on responsive and professional design.

Side speed or Fast Loading - Side speed is also a best part of seo you, If your site load very slow than its really bad for your side health, Adsense also note site speed when he approve any account,  If are you using a best template you side speed should be above 90 in Mobile and desktop in Google Inside page speed.

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Clean Coding no more java script - Template must build by clean coding, many developer also add more java scripts for make stylish, But as my experience java script and jquery make blog so heavy and its not better for your site SEO, use pure css widget, also give you better result.

Use Unique and New Template - Most blogger using similar template,  But you know on internet user wants new, So if you using something new and unique template its effect on your visitor,  So always trying to make and add new style template for your site.

SEO Optimize - SEO is main part of blogger, If your Blogger template is seo friendly its can help to get more page view,  Most new launched template is seo friendly,  But for this you can research or read more article.

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Final Words

Guys this is our simple tricks, There are many tricks you can also follow them, But above these is really most need, If are you new on blogger platform than you must follow more seo update related to blogger template, you can share this article with your friends, may be its also useful for your friends, thanks for visit our blog and keep it..