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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to upload own photos to Google images Search

How to upload own photos to Google images Search

Guys Google is providing many search engine, Google Image search is also a great search Engine for get biggest collection of images, Today we are trying to share with you How to upload own photos to Google images Search, There are many Google search tips like Google Gravity and much more.Google is biggest search Engine in the world, There are many Search in the wold but Google on top, Because its give us many search option like image search, web search, video search. Today we are talking on some tips for upload upload your own photos in Google image search result. If you wanna see your photos there than follow our some instruction which can help you for get your photos on easily on internet.

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How to upload own photos to Google images Search image picture

What is Google Image Search Internet

Before we are going more deep in this article i wanna share some information about this search engine, Actually Google is biggest search engine and its divided in many parts like image, news,web,map and many more. In Image search we get only photos, Just wright any name Google will show world  wide photos related to that topic.

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How can I See My Picture On Google Search Result

We are recently start this site, Here we are trying to share How to stuffs which are are no more shared on web, Many people asking about this that how i can show my picture/photo on internet or net ? Actually these all picture/photo are appearing from different source like social site, Website, and some others, Mostly they are appearing from website and social sites and Social sites like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagrame, Stumble upon, Reddit, Tumbler and many more like this.

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How To Get Your Picture Image on Internet

There are many way for appear your picture on Google image search, You can get it from many method, But if you wanna see on first hundred result than you must follow some this tips
By Website - Using website is get first result on image search is best way, Just Wright About me page with Page Link and Page Heading on your Name, If your Site have better seo you will sure get on first page result,  You can also wright a Full article on About You, Just Give Heading on Your name with URL also on Your name, You will get sure your Image on Google search result.

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By Social Media - Using social media we can get our
picture/photo on picture/photo search result,  

Google Plus Is this best way for this  create best vanity URL on your name like my name is Mahendra Kumar and my Google plus URL is You can see my name picture/photo on Google Image, You can also make like that,

By Facebook - If you have not any website or blog you can try Facebook also, Just Create Facebook with Profile URL with your name, You will see your phone on search, Like my URL is  Means its part of seo, You can also make like this.

By Twitter- Twitter also a most popular social site,  Using twitter you can get your picture in internet result, Just make your profile URL like mine Its can help also,

Final Words for Display Your Image on net Google Image Search

There are many way for get your photos/image on Google Image/photo search result, I am trying to share only some most popular and effective way, If you have any suggestion on this article you can comment below for suggest, If you like this article or if you have any question on this article you can ask us, You can share this article with your fans may be they also need it. Thanks for share and keep it.