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Friday, July 25, 2014

Best High PR Social bookmarking websites List For Bloggers

Social bookmarking websites are one of the best method to help internet users to bookmark their favorite webpage while surfing content on the internet. In last article we was share with you Dofollow High Page Rank Web 2.0 sites list for Boost your Blog, To be continue today we are giving you world best top high page rank social bookmarking sites,  If you are one of those person who is having a blog/website and daily spending time on the internet for reading articles, social bookmarking websites will be best choice for you to collect all of your favorite WebPages at one place. You can easily find out thousands of different social bookmarking websites on the internet which are allowing internet users to submit their content and bookmark their favorite blog pages on such directories.

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High PR Best Social bookmarking websites List For Bloggers image photo

How to Help Social Bookmarking Site For Get Traffic

If you are one of those blogger who is having a website and want to promote his/her blog content on the internet without paying a single penny then social bookmarking sites can really help you in driving good amount of visitors to your blog/website. In this article, we are going to share the top and best social bookmarking sites on the internet which might be useful for all the bloggers and internet marketers for promoting their blog content.

Advantage of Social Bookmarking Sites in Blog / Site's SEO

Internet users who are interested in reading online news and current trending happening in the world surf these websites but mainly these type of websites are used by internet marketers and bloggers or website owners for promoting their product or website. You can take advantage of social bookmarking sites in different ways which are mentioned below:

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High PR Best Social bookmarking websites List For Bloggers image photo

Free Blog/website traffic

The main purpose of most of the bloggers for using such kind of website is to get more free blog traffic. Because such kinds of websites are used by millions of internet users from different countries across the world and helps the bloggers to get more audience for his blog. If you got more up votes for the content you shared on these websites, then you will be able to drive huge traffic to you blog easily.

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Online Promotion

These social bookmarking websites can help internet users to promote their products at free of cost easily by submitting their pages. Thousands of internet marketers are daily taking advantage of such websites on daily basis for promoting their main products.

Quality and Permanent Backlinks to Main Websites

Backlinks are considered as one of the important and main factor which plays vital role in search engine ranking of particular websites. By submitting content on these social bookmarking sites can really help you in boosting search engine ranking of your blog and increasing traffic as well.

Bookmarking favorite content

Social bookmarking websites can utilized easily for remembering your online favorite WebPages of different websites. These sites are really helpful if you are researching on some specific topic and want more information. I am also daily reader of some top and best social bookmarking websites just like twitter,reddit, pinterest, stumbleupon etc.

News promotion
As I already mentioned above that such kind of best websites can be utilized by bloggers for promoting their products and blog content to increase their blog audience. So take advantage of such websites and start increasing customers for your products easily.
Now let’s comeback to our main topic which is about the list of top and best social bookmarking websites of bloggers. Have a look at this whole list mentioned below.

Top High Page Rank Social Book Marking Site List 2014

1 -  Twitter
2  -
3  -
4  -
5  -
6  -
7  -
8  -
9  -
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 -
15 - dropjack
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -
21 -
23 -
24 -
25 -
26 -
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 -
31 -
32 -
33 -
34 -
35 -
36 -
37 -
38 -
39 - canadiancurrent
40 -
41 -
42 -
43 -
44 -
45 -
46 -
47 -
48 -
49 -
50 -
51 -
52 -
53 -
54 -
55 -
56 -
57 -
58 -
59 -
60 -
61 -
62 -
63 -
64 -
65 -
66 -
67 -
68 -
69 -
70 -
71 -
71 -
72 -
73 -
74 -
75 -
76 -
77 -
78 -
79 -
80 -
81 -
82 -
83 -
84 -
85 -
86 -
87 -
88 -
89 -
90 -
91 -
92 -
93 -
94 -
95 -
96 -
97 -
98 -
99 -

I hope you enjoyed this useful list of best social bookmarking websites for all the bloggers including newbie and professionals. Do let us know in comments section which one websites are your favorite from the list.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dofollow High Page Rank Web 2.0 sites list for Boost your Blog

Dofollow high page rank backlinks is oxygen of every blog or your website, Like  top auto approving do follow blog with high page rank Web 2.0 sites backlinks also very useful for get your blog on Google, Yahoo and other search result, Web 2.0 sites backlinks are really boost your blog seo,  its also help in your site page rank, You know after wright complete article with 600+ words article with proper heading and subheading also required images if are you not getting right traffic form Goggle search, It means your seo work is not good, Many people and webmaster are don't know right method of seo or for get backlinks, They only time wasting on useless sites.

This can Help you on Getting Page Rank

Page rank depend on many things like sites contents, Unique backlinks, Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, G- plus, Reddit and many, but most is depend on high page rank backlinks,  You know that making backlinks is not hard you can get more by comment on other blogs and guest posting, But getting backlinks from making profile by signature or about post is very important, And it will give you web 2.0 site, Below all web 2.0 site are high page rank so it will increase Google page authority also.

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Dofollow High Page Rank Web 2.0 sites image photo

Why is More Important Web 2.0 site Backlinks ?

You know that Web 2.0 has higher rate of Engagement of people in online websites. On this platform you can get backlinks, And Gogle also love sites backling coming from different types websites,

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How to Get Backlinks from web 2.0 sites

Getting backlinks by commenting on commentluv dofollow sites is hard because most webmasters will delete your comments. But getting backlinks from web 2.0 sites is very easy, Just go on any web 2.0 sites and sign up. After sign up just make a post on your site or give your blog link in about page or signature page, All are have different option so just search acceptable page or option and put your site link and get dofollow high page rank web 2.0 sites backlinks very easy.

List of Page Rank Web 2.0 sites 2014


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Guys i hop you will enjoy this collection, For get ride on Google panda penalty you must try to make dofollow high Page rank web 2.0 sites backlinks in day by day or frequently, After done above list sure you will get positive result, After your site traffic will really boost,  If you have any quetion on this article please ask us by comment below, We will reply your answer as well as soon, Thanks for visit our blog and keep it for more updates of seo and technology. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Top Auto Approving Do Follow Blog with High Page Rank

Top Auto Approving Do Follow Blog with High Page Rank

Hello Guys Today we are sharing with you best and working and also active blogs for Top Auto Approving Do Follow Blog with High Page Rank, If you are trying to grow up your site on search result than you must work on seo, Without this you can get real success on blogging platform because Google is so advance and now he is removing all bad seo sites from there search result, There are many Google partner which appearing our site content in Google search result like Google Panda Penguin, They will scan you sites Content and seo than they appear our blog on Google search result, so its second need for your site.

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Why my site content not appearing on Google search

Now blogging is not easy, Before 2010 it was very easy, We can easily earn money from our blogs, But now Adsense approval also hard means like Adsense approval so hard like that appearing your site on Google first page result also hard, If you have really quality content but you have not visitor it means your seo work is so poor. If you wanna get ride on Search engine optimization than you must know about this,
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What is seo of 2014

Seo means Search Engine Optimization. Its is very big and so important part of a blog,  As my Knowledge Three things can get success in Blogging 1-  Content 2 - Deign 3 - SEO, If you are done on there three things you will get sure success on this platform, We are not expert in seo but we know some essential of this,

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  • Some Part Of Seo
  • Social Bookmarking,
  • Dofollow blog Comments,
  • Profile Creating with Signature.
  • Forum profile Creating with Signature.
  • Interlinking your websites for better PR.
  • Dofollow web Directory submission,
  • Final Guest Posting Boot your site.

Get Backlink By Commenting on Dofollow blog

In this article we are share with you for get Backlink by commenting, These are Dofollow blogs, may be some are no follow but all are high page rank so, High page rank nofollow Backlink also help you in grow up your site on Google, So don't think about Dofollow or nofollow because these are high Page rank site, which will give your site more traffic also, Just go on any site and comment related topic and done. These below sites Dofollow or nofollow its not a issue because its high page rank but Its most specialty is that its  Auto Approving, If you done there comment your comment will  Automatically  Auto Approving, 

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Auto Approving Dofollow Backlinks Sites/ Blogs

Final words

Guys if you will done commenting above all Dofollow sites, sure you will get more traffic on your blog, Commenting are important but Always trying to share new ideas, Because content are king of seo, If you have any question about this article you can ask us, If you like this article you can give us a minute for say thanks by comment, Thanks for visit and keep it for more.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

80 High Page Rank 9 and 8 Dofollow backlinks sites 2014

80 High Page Rank 9 and 8 Dofollow backlinks sites 2014

Hello Fans, Every one wanna a hug traffic for own site and increase your site Page Ranks Dofollow backlinks, But its very difficult without high Page rank dofollow sites. When Google crawler watch over sites backlinks in High Page rank sites Dofollow backlinks than He think that its blog is important and its article or content are is important for people, Than Goggle crawler showing your content in Search result. If you have not more backlinks on your blog, Then  your blog will never appear in Google search result.
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80 High Page Rank 9 and 8 Dofollow backlinks sites 2014 image picture

Why Choose 9 Page Rank sites?

If Think you get easily Page rank Dofollow 4 or 5 backlinks easily but they are not more important as best seo work. if you wanna really more traffic on your blog contents then you must trying to get high page rank 8 and page 9 dofollow backlinks, Using this you can boost your blog traffic. Its also help you in getting high page rank also,

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80 High Page Rank 9 and 8 Dofollow backlinks sites 2014 image picture

How to Get Page Rank 9, 8 Site's Backlinks?

Ya page rank 8 also important, but get backlink from PR9 and PR 8 method are same,

First go on Page Rank 9 dofollow blogs.

I am sharing below these blogs all are dofollow with PR9.

Just go there and create a Account or Sign up.

You can sign up with Facebook or Google plus.

After create a Account go on profile  or signature

Now update your profile and search any world like Contribute, URL, link.

You must identify which on right option to summit your blogs.

Than summit your site and save it.

Congratulation you are now done.

High Page Rank 9 Dofollow Sites only 9 Page Rank

I am sharing with you one of best blogs which have Page Rank 9 with  only dofollow blogs. Soe are may be give you no follow backlinks but if you have pr 9 nofollow backlinks then its also better so you can get also nofollow.After hard work work you will sure get many backlinks from these blogs. If get any problem from any blogs to get a backlink comment below we will sure reply.

80 High Page Rank 9PR Dofollow sites 2014

Below all sites have different type, You can say it nix collection, Its better for your seo, if you getting from same categories back links then its no more effects but if you getting many categories back links it will boost your page rank also, I am giving many type blogs back links like ,gov, edu, net, com, org, in, ru, fr and many you can enjoy this collection.

Final words

Hello guys we are trying to share our best, If you have any suggestion then please ask us, We will add in our next  article, If you Like this article please give us a minute for say thank by Comment below. We are checked all blogs are fully working if any site are not fully working after complete try ,Please tell us we will remove, Thanks for visit our sites.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Top 10 Killer SEO Tricks Code for Blogger Optimization

Top 10 Killer SEO Tricks Code for Blogger Optimization

Hello guys seo or search engine optimization is really too hard for blogger,  There are many killer seo tricks for blogger, also seo codes and setting which can boost your blog/ site on search engine first page, Every buddy know that site content is King of Seo. After  post quality article if you can't getting traffic it means your blog seo is not good, Its a little part of seo but very effective, If you search on net net you will see that every blogger give you different type setting, Some are useful and some are may be bad effect on blog traffic, We are research on many site seo article or setting than we not every blogger have one unique and also best tips, We are collecting all these information, and after getting best seo code and tips we add in our article.

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Top 10 Killer SEO Tricks Code for Blogger Optimization image picture

What is Seo Search Engine Optimization

Seo or Search Engine Optimization is the biggest part of getting success though internet, Without proper seo you will not get site traffic, Once i wanna say they that content is king of  Search Engine Optimization but without proper setting in your blogger template and search performance , you can get more traffic, If you done some Search Engine Optimization setting you will get real positive traffic on your website.

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How To Optimization Blogger Post ?

Blogger post Optimization is the most and first required for every blogspot blog, According to Google search policy, Google first get site name and url after than he take blogger post Title, So you must need this code in your  template for optimize your blogger Title,

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How to redirect to

Login your Required Blogger  >Template >Edit template

Press Control + F, Now Search Below codes


Care Fully Replace Below Code on Above Codes

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

Change H3 to H2 for Better Seo

Login your Required Blogger  >Template >Edit template

Press Control + F, and Search H3 Tag,

Now Carefully Replace H3 to H2 Tag,

You will see 7 to 8 h3 tags replace all into H2

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Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners site Blog in World 2014

How To Optimization Of  blogger label

Login your Required Blogger  >Template >Edit template

Press Control + F, Now Search Below codes

<a expr:href='data:label.url'

Care Fully Replace Below Code on Above Codes

<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'

How Optimization of blogger comments

Login your Required Blogger  >Template >Edit template

Press Control + F, Now Search Below codes


Care Fully Replace Below Code on Above Codes

 rel='external nofollow'  expr:href='data:post.createLinkUrl'

How to Optimize Blog Archives

Login your Required Blogger  >Template >Edit templatete

Press Control + F, Now Search Below codes

<a class='post-count-link' expr:href='data:i.url'>

Care Fully Replace Below Code on Above Codes

<a rel="archives" class='post-count-link' expr:href='data:i.url'>

How To Change Blogger Static Meta Description for Better SEO

Login your Required Blogger  >Template >Edit template

Press Control + F, Now Search  <head>Tag

Now Past below codes Below  <head> tag

<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

Add Custom Robot.txt file for Better Seo setting

Now Go on Blogger Setting >  Click on Search Preferences  

Click on Custom robots.txt  and Click on Yes and Add Below Code.

First enable this option and the yes, so the box will appear. Copy below code and paste it in that box.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Allow: /


Change Your Site name Url  =

Do Custom robots header tags setting

Now Go on Blogger Setting >  Click on Search Preferences  

Now Click on Custom robots header tags setting 

Now Follow below image setting

Top 10 Killer SEO Tricks Code for Blogger Optimization image picture

Source -


Final Words

Hello guys Blogger Optimization or seo is biggest chapter, If you think that some killer tricks or some secret code will give you on first position than its totally false, There no any killer trick or code which can boost your site without doing more,  So don't believe any killer tricks and codes, These codes are complete its can help you but you must try to wright something new and unique article for rid on Google.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top 10 Sites For Download Free Social Media Icons

Top 10 Sites For Download Free Social Media Icons

Hello Fans Now is time of Social Media, Every buddy now connected with a social sites, There are many social sites Like as Facebook Google Plus and Twitter, In all county all sites have a different place in Ranking. Now every buddy wanna Download Free social media icons, They are very useful for any, There are many sites which give you many types Social Icons, All are Good but I am sharing with some of best sites which are provide you better to another, For my suggestion use below sharing sites for safe and better results.

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How To Download Free Social Media Icons

When you search on Google its provide many websites and blogs for free social icons, But if you wanna real means best icons, Than just click any below sites and wait for few minutes for load related site, After that just you will saw a sites search option, Like as search wright any word which you wanna download and press enter, After that you will found many results and download  your best. Some are different but mostly this method used in below sites.

Top Sites For Download Free Social Media Icons

Ok now you know How To Download Free Social Media Icons than click any below links and get it.

Its best and wold famous site, Its give you many format like ICO and PNG Icons, Here you will find a hug collection of many different styles social icons, Here you can choose best by compare with others, Its also first choice place in the word, So i am suggest you this for first option,

This site also have a big collection of buttons,  Here you can download ICO, BMP and PNG , Its a safe site, Just go in this site and  choose you option and click on download. Here you will found many tools of compare and choose better, So its also better for you.

3 - Nifty Buttons
Here is many style button collection. Its also totally free,

4 - IconFinder
Like a search engine more collection of best.

5. Pixel Perfect
Its give you Hug collection of  commercial or personal use, Set of 81 collection.

6 - Elegant Themes
This give you nice with stylish 41 sets of this.

7 - Vector 3DIcons
You can choose from here, Its provide some different and beautiful, You may be like it.

8 - Gray CircleIcons
A collection of colorful buttons. Whci you may also like of this collaction.

9 -  SocialMedia Balloons
If wanna some different than choose from here, Its contain something different.

10 - BasicIcons
Here is nice collection of simple and cleans with also attractive color. 

Final word

Thanks for visit our site, If you wanna more information about Facebook latest tips and trick, Please Keep visit our sites. If you have any suggestion send us by sms. If you think that this article also useful for your friends than please share this post with your friends, For more tutorial keep visit our blog. Thank you so much