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Sunday, March 30, 2014

How To Get Buysellads Account Approved 2014 Tips Tricks

How To Get Buysellads Account Approved 2014 Working tips

Hello Guys Today we are sharing with you our experience on approval Buysellads account in First time, which How To Get Approved Buysellads Accounts fast,  Every buddy know that adsence is the most popular platform for earn using a blog, But if you need really super result means best income through your site traffic than you must use Buysellads account, Its one of most high paying advertising Company. Its also biggest from adsence, On Adsence any buddy can approve but on Buysellads any buddy can't approved, Its a dream of every developer, We are recently approved my Site on Buysellads, So wanna share our experience with you May be its help you for get Buysellads account approved.

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Adsence Vs Buysellads which is Better ?

If you think that which platform is better for earn more money according your blog traffic than as my experience we can earn more money using Buysellads account, Its most biggest good thing is its can't disable or delete, Adsence can disable or delete on any reason, But on Buysellads once you approved you will never lost your account, And its not cpc type network, Just sell ads to another and get money,  Ads price also decide by you. 

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Recently on First time our site Approved Buysellads account

Actually we are not expert, We completely follow, some Google policies and some help of  real developer, and we get it it, We also surprised after 24 hour they reply us your site is approved for advertisement, Just click to login, Than we think its really so easy, just follow all best articles of vest blogging sites and summit it, its give more from Google adsence, Now we removed all adsence ads from my site, Now we are using this,

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Requirements Tips and Tricks Buysellads Account Approval

There is many tips and trick and also Requirements for get on first time Buysellads account for publisher, But we are sharing some of best things which mostly noticed by there engineer like site design, traffic, site type,help,and all other requirement, Ok than just talking ahead for topic to topic and get ride on everywhere for magnetization our content using Buysellads Account.

Site Should be Professional with Unique Design

If you wanna Buysellads account than you must design unique template or theme for your blog, We also giving very thanks to Muhammad Hassan of Which give us unique site template,  Without this we can't get. You site must be responsive with all screen in desktop and mobile, with clean and no more widget before summit Buysellads Account approval. So Create you rown template or theme, don't use another free or premium template.

Site Must 2 Month Old

Many Big Blogging site also saying that for Buysellads your site must be 6 month old, But we wanna say your our site is only 45 days old, and we get success so, Site age not more effect, If you are waiting for summit until 6 month? don't wait you can do any time.

Site Content and Post

Every buddy know site must have unique article and above 50 article with 500+ words, 3 Heading and 3 sub heading and minimum 2 HD picture with fast loading,

About us page

On you site About page you must wright something about you, and about your Site content and your site history and all about your success, Like how your site grow up on Google,

Site Speed

Your site speed must be Above 86 on Google Page Speed Inside, We have Google Page Speed Inside In Mobile 92 and Desktop 91 and User Experience is 98/100, For this Order a best template to best designer and get it, Its may be help you.

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Watch Mine Site speed

Site Traffic

Site Traffic not issue, If you work above all things you will get good site traffic, But for knowledge site traffic must be 30,000 or above for better result. So Try to get best for this,


Remove another all ads but you can put adsence ads on summit, You can also use adsence ads with buysellads together, But Remove all another Ads from your site, If they se another ads they will reject,

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Final words.
Its our own experience, We are not copied from other site, We was recently approved Google adsence also, If you have any question you can ask us by comment, If you have any suggestion please comment below, We hope if you will follow all steps and Requirements than sure you will get success, If you wanna support us you can share this article with your friends,