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Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners site Blog in World 2014

Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners site Blog in World 2014

In last article was share with you Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners in India 2014, Guys today am sharing with you a latest updated list of Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners in World 2014, You can't believe that people make money online so many thousand per month, You can't believe that they earn every month as a big business man, Its very inseparable for all, I am so happy wright about these internet popular guys, I am also trying to share all steps of success of these guys, I will show you there blog create date, there page rank, Alexa rank, daily page view and many more, These all information we are collecting for all around the world big update and survey and news, Than lets talking ahead.

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Why Much People Using Google Adsense in World

Before Talking ahead i am clearing some question may e you like that why most site or blog owner are using Google Adsense program for earn money,  Actually Google start this program to support website owner and give best way earn by site, Its only for quality sites, First they take site for approve, After review are giving this account, If you have adsence ads on your site it means your site is quality site, Its better for your seo and user think that its a have quality content,

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Top Ten Highest Google Adsense Earners in World 2014

1 - Courtney Rose

Its a word wide name, Its known as high success, Its a most popular guy which getting many lakes dollar for Google adsence, She started his site in 1999, Now its on top position really awesome, This girl is best example for high success from online, Its on Top,

Site Name eHow
Page Rank 6
Alexa Rank 278
Daily Page View 42,520,000
Monthly Earning $675,000
Site Start on 1999
Country USA
Blog Type How to, Tech

2 - Pete Cashmore

Mashable is also best site for learn every thing about technology and blogging and all information about latest trends, Its template is also so popular among the bloggers. Its second in Top list,

Site Name Mashable
Page Rank
Alexa Rank 204
Daily Page View 40,000,000
Monthly Earning 500,000
Site Start on 2005
Country USA
Blog Type Business, Technology

3. Shawn Hogan

Forum Digital Point is most popular Forum in The world, Its like a Yahoo question reply system, Here we can post our article also, Its top in Forum and third in top list of getting money through Google Adsense

Site Name Forum Digital Point
Page Rank 5
Alexa Rank 738
Daily Page View 39,000,000
Monthly Earning Google Adsense $395,000
Site Start on 1999
Country USA
Blog Type Technology

4 - Markus Frind 

Site Name POF
Page Rank 5
Alexa Rank 356
Daily Page View 26,100,000
Monthly Google Adsense Earning 305,000
Site Start on 2000
Country  soon
Row 2, Column 1 Worldwide Online Dating

5 -  Kevin Rose  

Site Name Digg
Page Rank 8
Alexa Rank 480
Daily Page View 15,300,000
Monthly Google Adsense Earning 251,000
Site Start on 2000
Country USA
Blog Type News and Blog

6  - Michael Arrington

Site Name Techcrunch
Page Rank 8
Alexa Rank 378
Daily Page View 13,150,000
Monthly Google Adsense Earning 226,000
Site Start on 2011
Country USA
Blog Type Tech,Gaming concept,Blog

7  Perez Hilton

Site Name Perezhilton
Page Rank 7
Alexa Rank 595
Daily Page View 8,220,000
Monthly Google Adsense Earning 227,000
Site Start on Row 2, Column 2
Country UK
Blog Type Celebrities News

8 -  Jeremy Schoemaker

Site Name Shoemoney
Page Rank 5
Alexa Rank 14185
Daily Page View 420,000
Monthly Google Adsense Earning 125,000
Site Start on 2003
Country USA
Blog Type How to earn money,Advertise

9  Amit Agarwal

Amit is most popular in Inidan Blogging, his blog name Digital inspiration every one know in india in Adsence earner, Its have simple blog design also very user friendly.

Site Name Digital Inspiration
Page Rank 6
Alexa Rank 2620
Daily Page View 3,109,000
Monthly Google Adsense Earning 50,000
Site Start on 2007
Country India
Site Typo Blogging Tech

10 -  Pankaj Agarwal  Click India

Site Name Click India
Page Rank 5
Alexa Rank 4292
Daily Page View 1,904,000
Monthly Earning 45,000
Site Start on 2003
Country India
Blog Type Buying and Selling

Final words

These all data we are collected to many sources, We also read many articles for get latest and best result, After read many article we get this complete information for you, If you have any suggestion about this article than please comment below, We wanna give our visitors best result so your suggestion is very important for us, Thanks for visit keep it.

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