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How to Create Any Windows Bootable in flash Pen Drive

How to Create Any Windows Bootable in flash Pen Drive

Hello guys today we are talking on a computer tips which is How to Create Any Windows Bootable in flash Pen Drive, You know every month or many time our window is stop working, There are many reason for stop a window, Our work can stop if we have not proper knowledge about also visit dns probe finished no internet If our window is damage we can install again, If we have won window file and we can install it we can sure save our money, So first you must know about this process,

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How to Create Any Windows Bootable image picture

Why you must use Pen drive for Window Installation

First i wanna clear a best question which is appearing on this article, that why you use a Flash drive or pen drive for this? you can also use compact disk, But i wanna say you that CD is rate is high, its can damage any time by littel scratch, and also slow, I am giving some advantage of pen drive window installation.

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Advantage of  window Installation by Flash or Pen Drive

  • Using window installation by Pend drive is very Faster.

  • Its not big topic for talk, but i have some lines for this.

  • We can use Pen drive again and again more times.

  • We can't use CD again and again more time.

  • Pendrive take little time for make bookable.

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How to Install Window 8, 7, Xp and another using pen drive

If you thinking that every window take new and diffrent method for this, but it really benefit for your this method work for all all new and old windows like window 8.1, 7, XP, also many similar. Its no need more apps its completing by simple application, Its called win to WiNToBootic, Fisrt you must make a image file than drop it. It will take some time may be it will take ten to twenty minutes, After complete you will get successful msg than its done, Now you can use that pen drive same as cd, Just choose flash drive in Boot menu in Installation process. Just select it follow same method for installation. It will install more faster from cd.

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How to make Window Bootable a Image File

  • First you must create your window in Image file,

How to Create Any Windows Bootable image picture

  • You can past on your desktop.

  • Now just drag image file and wait.

  • It will format your Pendrive.

  • Its will take few minutes and done

Final words

Guys we are always trying to share complete method with useful screen shoot, By the if you not understand any line or any step than please ask us by comment below, We will sure reply your answer, If you need any help related to tech or any other source please ask us, Thanks for vist our blog and keep it for more tutorials.

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