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Why Linux is Best and more secure than other Operating Systems

Why Linux is more secure than other operating systems and why most people are using this.Linux  is great operating system, You might have heard that Linux Is mostly used Operating System all over the world  or your might have listened from your friends that Linux is Best OS and highly recommended in terms of speed as well as security. Because of its awesome and amazing features, it is getting more popularity among people. And that’s the reason why Linux is spreading affordable computing all over the world.

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What Linux operating System

Linux is free open source Operating System which was released 23 years ago back in 1991. Its had hug collections of tools,  If you need a secured and fast operating system, then my recommendation will be Linux. Why? Let’s know the four main and top reasons why Linux is best and I am recommending to you. If found this article useful, you can also share it with your friends as well. Let’s get started:

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Why Linux is more Secure than other operating systems image photo

Top Best Reasons for People Using Lunix for better security

Linux Runs on any Hardware
The best thing about like about Linux is that it is portable, means that you can run it on every kind of hardware. Need a performance, you can run it on x86 based processors. Need little electricity, you can run it on ARM based processors. Well you can try it on any hardware and different CPU architectures and I am sure you will be satisfied with this operating system. As it is open source, so it allows everyone to run it on any hardware easily.

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Linux is Lightweight
Not only users can take advantage of this operating system and can install and run on any hardware but also they can install it on that hardware of which people are thinking that they are underpowered.  When Linux is combined with lightweight alternatives for desktop environments such as LXDE program or other type of programs, then it will take fewer resources than other type of Operating Systems like Windows. The best example of it is Raspberry which might be easier for you to understand.

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Linux is Flexible
Another good thing I like about Linux is that it is flexible according to open source license; you can do any kind of experiment with it. If there is any kind of software which you don’t like or want to add to it, nothing can stop you to do this. You can easily sort your favorite and best programs on Linux operating system. Also if you want a desktop environment which is having a lot of amazing features and effects as well, you can do with it as well. If you want a server and no desktop environment at all even at such stages, you can run Linux as well.

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Linux is Free to Use
Well everyone loves free stuff such as free tools and programs etc,  Linux is offering their OS totally free for its users, which is the amazing and best feature of Linux so far because most of the people not been able to pay prices of licenses legally. You can easily download Linux, install it, learn it by watching tutorials from internet and then start using this secure and free operating system. It will be good idea if you are selecting an open source operating system with a lot of free stuff and also it doesn't requires any kind of internet connection at all.

So these are the four main reasons why I prefer this operating system over other operating system and still learning and soon I will start using this secured and free OS. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this guide, feel free to ask in comments section.

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